The History of Kumluca

The history of Kumluca, a paradise in the south of Turkey and a lovely district of Antalya, is very new. However, we know today, because of the excavations and remains, that lots of tribes and states have situated in this fertile area before Turks. It is known that this area was taken by the Shah Süleyman in the period of Anatolian Selcuks. Nevertheless, we meet no any remnants from that period around Kumluca today. After Monghols had conquered Anatolia, the Beyliks period started. Tekelio?ullary Beylik, one of the branches of Hamito?ullary Beylik, dominated this area. After that in the period of Bayezyd this region became under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.
During all these periods there were no any permenant settlements. Nomad Turks spent different seasons in different regions; especially in the summer season in the plains of Elmaly and Korkuteli, in the autumn season around Kuzca and in the winter they turned Kumluca again. At that time, this area was named Gardyç.
The very first settlement in the fertile plain, where the city center lies nowadays, was situated about 5 km east, in the skirt of the hills, because of the marsh, known Sarykavak in 1830.
After Antalya had been made a province in 1914, a new regulation for the administration of the area was started. According to this regulation Gardyç was separated as Kemer and Kumluca. So Kumluca became a district of Finike. In times, nomads settled in the city center of Kumluca and Kumluca was accepted by law as a town in 1958.

Pre-history of Kumluca

The area has been continuously inhabited by many civilizations since the very early history. Among these Lykia, Phonecians, Roman Empire are known to have successively settled in this area.

The Source of the name ‘Kumluca’

According to a story, when there was no settlement today’s city center a villager from Sarykavak planted water melon in the field covered with sands. The water melons grew very big. When the man carried and sold these water melons in another villages, the people asked him where he had planted these. He responded that he had planted these water melons in a field covered with sands near the small river. By the fame of the water melons, this area gradually was named after the name of the planted field “Kumluca”.

In the past being famous with water melons Kumluca nowadays has greenhouses to produce vegetables by the help of contemporary techniques. Kumluca meets the needs of some very crucial quantity of vegetables in Turkey.